The First Most Amazing Book On Money Ever!

The First Most Amazing Book On Money Ever!

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Many people will pick older books, more popular books, or more reputable book, than my choice, but the one book that stands out in my mind as the most influential book about money, and actually comprehending how money really works, is the incredibly simple yet profound offering by Robert Kiyosaki called, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.”

This simply written and elegant story of Mr. Kiyosaki’s financial education as a young boy hit so close to home with me that it often felt uncomfortable, and even infuriating.  As I read his book, I realized my own father perfectly fit the description of a “Poor Dad,” despite my father’s international acclaim as one of the highest level educators in the world.

It was a tough pill to swallow when I realized that everything I’d been taught about money was horribly WRONG!

I would strongly suggest you read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” right away if you haven’t.  If you’ve already read it, read it again.  You’re a different person right now.  I promise you’ll find new information hidden deep in there that you’ve never heard before.