Naturally Whiten Your Teeth with Activated Charcoal

Naturally Whiten Your Teeth with Activated Charcoal

Afraid to smile because of the color of your teeth?

There is a cheap, effective, and natural way to whiten your teeth without having to spend so much money at the dentist’s office or the use of over the counter chemical products.

Activated Charcoal is a fine-grained black powder made from a variety of natural substances: coconut shells, olive pits, slowly burned wood, and peat.

Activated Charcoal shouldn’t be confused with the charcoal you use for barbecuing.  Barbecue charcoal is manufactured to be a fuel and emits carbon dioxide when heated which may have a carcinogenic effect on your health.

Activated charcoal doesn’t contain the types of toxins found in barbecue charcoal.

Activated charcoal is great to use orally to:

  • whiten teeth
  • remove plaque

Simply wet your toothbrush, dip a part of your toothbrush into the powder.  Gently tap on the edge of the container to remove excess and begin brushing.

You’ll see a slight difference in the coloration of your teeth as you use it.  Use it several times a week to maintain whitening.


Activated Charcoal

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