Piled Higher and Deeper

Piled Higher and Deeper

More education means more money…at first…and, if you can find a job that pays.  However, Inc. Magazine’s article, “Why PHDs Don’t Become Billionaires,” has pointed out a truth about education that could be startling to some; the higher your degree, the lower your earnings ceiling.

That’s right, folks.  Haven’t you heard?  It’s all the rage.  Go into massive debt that you’ll spend the rest of your life paying off and limit your potential to make real money forever.

First, college doesn’t teach creativity and ingenuity.  They aim for averages to keep their numbers up and attract new students.

Second, curriculums are designed mainly by people who’ve never started any successful business on their own or faced the harsh reality of “perform or starve.”

You see, in the business world, it’s common knowledge that “You eat what you kill.”  If you don’t hit your numbers, not only do you go hungry, but no one else really cares what happens to you.

In the education world, all you need to do is qualify for another grant or loan and skip to class for that higher education degree.


BS stands for “Bullsh*t.”

MS stands for “More Sh*t.”


PHD stands for “Piled Higher and Deeper.” (Especially debt)


Consider your place in the world of software, robotics and artificial intelligence.  Are you creative enough to survive?

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