Billionaires Don’t Work

Billionaires Don’t Work

The New York Times article entitled, “Why Don’t Rich People Just Stop Working?” makes the giant leap of an assumption that wealthy people are addicted to money, competition, or feeling important, then pretends to base the wild conclusion in pseudo-science labeled as research or statistics with no real reference for the sources of “data.”

Since when is the New York Times a qualified judge of any human being’s value or what they deserve.

The general response of the public is that being excited about making money, or just being wealthy, is an illness that should be treated with a vaccine or therapy.  Sick. (Pun intended.)

Worse, billionaires are being “shamed” into embarrassment for the hard work they’ve done and massive success that they’ve earned.  (Grow a spine for crying out loud.)

They couldn’t be further from the truth.

Rich people pay more in taxes in the US than all other demographics combined (look it up):

More importantly, rich people are very passionate about what they do because they’re doing what they love…thus, it’s not work.  It’s fun. Why should anyone be forced to stop doing what they consider fun or love doing…especially to placate others who aren’t happy with their own life decisions.

Mark Zuckerberg loves programming and software.  Elon Musk loves pushing human beings toward the stars.  That’s not work. It’s fun. By the way, both these men have changed history forever…and guess what…that takes hard work, focus, discipline, risk, and criticism which most of the world won’t endure because they’re too busy complaining how hard they’ve got it.

Life is extremely abundant and meant to be enjoyed.  Anyone who would fault another for finding happiness, like becoming a billionaire and creating jobs, industries, products, discoveries, and careers for everyone that works with them (not to mention the tax base that pays for all public programs that the people complaining are using) is obviously uneducated about the whole purpose of money.

Remember, the wealthy community of the world happens to be the most generous philanthropists by sheer volume year after year with other demographics nowhere near.

Money gives freedom and opportunity.  Take away the freedom to choose how much money you want to make and you make everyone slaves.  This is a non-negotiable fact.

Making money can be fun and fulfilling, just like the partnership between Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star.   Jeffree had many downs before achieving his success, yet has maintained being thankful, grateful, and appreciative for what he’s created.

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