How the Coronavirus Outbreak is Affecting the Global Economy

How the Coronavirus Outbreak is Affecting the Global Economy

Everyone is talking about the coronavirus outbreak that began in China back in 2019. Since the last week of February 2020, countries have been focused on the economic impact the coronavirus is having in their own people and government.

Most people aren’t aware that there is a significant impact already occurring on the global economy wish is just as vital to understand. How is the coronavirus outbreak affecting the global economy? It means that you need to be aware of the changes that are to come for travel, schools being closed, access to food, and the potential changes that will be seen in the US stock market and those around the world.

What I share with you today is a way to understand and process the information while maintaining your composure as we compare this outbreak to previous concerns such as Mad Cow Diseases, SARRS, etc..

Yes! How you respond is vital. The less you react, the better. It’s one thing to be aware and move forward (as in “take action”) with purpose than it is to react emotionally to each new piece of information that is shared via the media.

Do you plan to REACT or RESPOND to this situation?

I suggest you do the latter.

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