Partnerships RULE

Partnerships RULE

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No one person, or business, is an island…no matter how hard you try.  Teams of people make successful businesses. What most people don’t think about is strategic business partnerships.

Jeffrey Star and Shane Dawson started as good friends and have grown into powerful allies, all thanks to kindness, generosity, honor, integrity, and profitability.  That’s right…profit is still part of the motivation…and why not? Who better to make money with than someone you like and trust?

It’s obvious that Jeffrey and Shane completely understand the notion that the tide raises all boats.  What a wonderful model of abundance, and what excellent models of good character.

Partnerships like Jeffrey Star and Shane Dawson give the rest of the world struggling to make their mark hope that they can do it, and that there are still great people to share it with too.

 Partnerships, and friendships, like that RULE!

Check out the video down below that kicks off our YouTube Playlist that uncovers the business secrets in Shane Dawson’s series The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star.

Making money can be fun and fulfilling, just like the partnership between Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star.   Jeffree had many downs before achieving his success, yet has maintained being thankful, grateful, and appreciative for what he’s created.

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