It’s been the worst week for the US Stock Market since 2008. Actually, the stock market crash in February 2020 is worse than the 2008 market crash and it leaves many people asking the question “Will the Stock Market Continue to Crash in 2020?”

I spoke with my financial advisor on Friday (2/28/20) and what he and his fellow colleagues speculate, plus other information I’ve uncovered that isn’t being mentioned in the mainstream media, and the added hysteria of the coronavirus, you need to watch this video to the end.

Don’t forget, many Babyboomers are continuing to turn 70.5 years of age which is when the federal government requires them to sell off their 401k stocks, regardless if the market is up or down, which directly impacts their retirement, the stock market itself, and the economy.

Beyond bringing this information to your attention, I provide things for you to consider to protect your family and money during this chaotic time.

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