It’s time to kiss a stranger, party until you pass out, beg for a better life, and make promises you’ll never be able to keep!

Come on.  We’ve all done it.

Everyone promises to be a better person, help a charity, lose weight, love more, learn an instrument, finish their first novel, fall in love and get married…blah, blah, blah.

The euphoria of a New Year’s celebration is intoxicating.

The ragged edge of New Year’s Day, however, isn’t so kind.

You’re probably hung over, staring in a mirror that gazes back at you in condescending mediocrity from a life of no passion, no resources, no opportunities, and no hope of ever doing anything that might catch the attention of the masses of the world.

I feel you.

Why bother at all?  Right? Wrong!

Of all the times you should care, New Year’s Eve is the best time ever!  The incredible amount of focused planetary intention alone should have you shivering with eager anticipation.  Most people have no idea of how to harness that energy, but now you will!

Start with an attitude of gratitude for where you are and where you’re going.  Be clear about where you’re going. Really build a clear picture in your mind.

Next, make small promises that you know you can easily keep for a New Year’s resolution…very small.  You need to get into the cycle of winning and build the new habit of conquering small, then medium, then more medium-sized goals and promises.  Make this New Year the year you develop the habit of winning by creating your own set of life rules, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

For example, instead of promising to read a book a month for twelve months, promise you’ll read one paragraph of a book at least once a week.

Super easy goals that build a seriously powerful habit is what you want.

You make the rules in your life…and no one else’s.  Stick to that and your New Year will be the BEST EVER!

Making money can be fun and fulfilling.

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