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CNBC’s article, “The American Retirement Nightmare” is appropriately named.

First, you should never retire!  Retirement means to “put out of service.”  That’s also short for “die.” Unfortunately, for most retirees, death very soon follows.  That begs the question, “Why retire?”

Instead, find a new passion and pursue it wholeheartedly.  Fine, you’re done working the grind. Now, work because you just love it!

Second, CNBC’s article is all about 401(k) plans and how to structure them to be able to retire and not starve on the street.


Anyone who knows anything about 401(k) plans knows FOR A FACT that they’re the biggest scam ever foisted on the American people….ever!  If you don’t believe me, go look it up yourself.


LA News:


Fiscal Times:


In short, 401(k) plans “defer” taxes until you retire.  That means you’ll be taxed at a higher rate years from now…because taxes always go up…and, you’ll be taxed at a higher income bracket…because you have a huge pile of money saved that you want to spend and no more tax incentives (the kids are grown, inflation has increased, you don’t have business write-offs, your home is probably paid for…etc.).


Worse, at the age of 75, you’ll be forced by Federal Law to begin withdrawing your 401(k) retirement even if the market just recently crashed.  Uncle Sam doesn’t care that you just lost 60% of your retirement value due to bad banking policy on a national scale (2008 real estate market crash).  He just wants those taxes you put off paying to be sure he can bail out the financial markets again, and again, and again, and again. Don’t forget the global empire Uncle Sam is building.  That gets expensive too, you know.


Do yourself a favor and get out of the 401(k) trap.  Go to and read up on a Laser Fund (Tax-Advantaged Indexed Insurance Contract).


When structured properly, you can save, earn better than average interest, borrow against your principal, and withdraw your money completely TAX-FREE!


Yes, really… tax-free.

There’s way more to it, but that should get you going.


You can be sure that most people will tell you a Laser Fund is impossible, but I wouldn’t want you to stop using a 401(k) either if I made money off of you when you win AND when you lose either.


One more little side note, a Laser Fund is one of the oldest standing IRS incentives in the history of the nation.  It used to be called, “The Rich Man’s Fund.”


Now, it can be yours too!  Go get one!

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