A cheap, easy spa treatment

you can do for yourself all year round.

Mineral baths of all types have been popular for hundreds of years, as they can provide soothing relief for several conditions.

Containing trace minerals, including magnesium, Himalayan Salt also releases unique ionic energy into your body when it’s mixed with water.

Aside from the overall feeling of relaxation, Himalayan Salt Baths have been used to treat many afflictions such as delivering magnesium to the body through skin absorption, treating eczema, acne, and psoriasis, detoxifies and recharges the body, reduce muscle cramps, promotes better skin hydration and weight loss, as well as known to aid hormonal balancing.

Before your bath, use filtered water to rinse your body. Then, use warm (not hot) water, fill your tub and add 1-2 cups of salt (or place several medium to a large single salt rock). Relax and enjoy for up to 30 minutes.

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